The Sound of Silence

Is there anything as annoying as trying to sleep when loud noises won't leave you alone? Probably not. Traffic, the phone, your sleep-mate watching television... the list goes on and on. While most people would agree that a quiet environment is essential to good sleep, few take proactive steps to ensure that their sleep environment is quiet.

What time is tea time?

Perhaps it should be just before bed.  Many people find tea to have a calming, relaxing effect.  Herbal teas and decaffeinated green teas are always good choices and are great with a good book to wind-down before bed.

Can't sleep?  You may have a drug addiction.

Caffeine, the largely unregulated central nervous system stimulant, is great for a quick boost. The world practically runs on it.   But it may be disrupting your sleep, and you may not know it. Caffeine’s half life – the length of time it takes for ½ of the drug to be eliminated from your body, is around five hours for a typical person.

Has your mattress given up the ghost?

If your mattress has body impressions that look like something from a crime scene, it’s definitely time to think about a new one.  But even if there are no visible signs of wear, your old innerspring mattress may deserve retirement.

What can you learn from the lotus pose?

Probably a great deal.  But many people never try yoga.  Perhaps because they can’t reconcile their perception of yoga with their own self image.  It’s a shame because yoga is a great practice to relieve stress and promote relaxation – especially before bed.

Sorry dear, not now, I’m reading.

A good book before bed is a time-tested way to relax and drift into sound sleep. With the advent of ereaders, the reading experience has taken a leap forward. The ereader reading experience is a good one, and ebooks can be acquired quickly and conveniently.