About Us


Welcome to TruContour. I'm Mike, our Founder and my passion is helping people sleep and sit in comfort. Our company's story began when I lost my corporate job due to a medical condition just over 8 years ago. During that time, I fought back pain as I spent long periods of time in bed. I once slept for almost 48 hours straight! Luckily, I always had moral support from my cat (named "Two" like the number).

One day as I was lying inside a MRI machine undergoing an hour long test, I had the idea that led me to design the TruContour Sleep System. In the early days, Two the cat was always by my side whether I was working in my home office to find manufacturers, or simply recovering from my illness. We started small; inventory was stored in my basement and garage, and I personally shipped all our orders at the local UPS store. 

Things have changed a lot since that time. Two the cat has moved on to the great mouse chasing ground in the sky, but the business we built together has grown far beyond either of our expectations. We now work with some of the World's leading warehousing, international shipping, and order fulfillment providers. We've also become one of Amazon's leading specialty pillow and cushion brands. 

Despite those changes, our business focus has remained unchanged. Our passion is still helping people sit and sleep comfortably with science-based products and insanely great customer service. We would be honored if you would give us the opportunity to serve you.