CPAP Pillow for Stomach, Side and Back Sleepers - Asymmetric cutouts and adjustable height allow 16 different head & pillow positions - Medical Grade Memory Foam

The CPAP pillow by TruContour is designed specifically for stomach, side and back sleeping patents that have difficulty sleeping due to mask discomfort. The design of our CPAP pillow features innovative cut-out areas on each side of the pillow. These cutouts reduce pressure on the CPAP mask when side sleeping, and thereby increase comfort, reduce mask leaks and improve sleep quality. 

Each CPAP user's head shape, body type, CPAP mask and sleep posture are different. For this reason, a CPAP pillow needs to be offer many different pillow & head configurations to increase the chance that a user will find a comfortable position. Only our pillow features asymmetrical cutout areas, meaning the four side tabs (on the top and bottom of each cutout on both sides) are all different sizes. This allows the user to rotate and flip the pillow in order to find the most comfortable cutout shape for side sleeping. 

Our CPAP pillow also features a removable foam pad which allows the user to choose from two different pillow heights. Between the asymmetrical cut-outs and two different height options, our pillows allow 16 different pillow configurations for side sleeping. This greatly increases the likelihood that a user will find a great match for his/her sleep posture, head shape, and mask design. 

The TruContour CPAP pillow is constructed of medical-grade memory foam which provides a great balance of comfort and support. Super-soft, removable, machine washable velour cover. Hypoallergenic. 

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